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About - PolyTech Boot

Our company, which has been in the occupational safety sector since 1985 and has been the distributor of many world brand products, wanted to take its place in production with its experience and entered the production of Polyurethane Boots. We produce our world-class CE certified, POLYTECH branded polyurethane boots in Manisa, Turkey and are used in chemical, mining, food, hunting, fishing, petroleum, agriculture, etc. We offer services to industries.


At PolyTech, we believe that every work done with effort opens up new avenues and new opportunities. Acting without deviating from the human-safety-production triangle constitutes the basis of our perspective. We know that we can change the world with the right solutions, as long as we act without deviating from our principles.


Our company, which produces in international standards, aims to produce the highest quality boots by fulfilling all the necessary criteria so that all vital sectors can work more safely and comfortably. It is among our primary goals to meet the expectations at the highest level by creating a product range in line with the needs of our customers.